Heres a brake upgrade for the toyota celica gt4 st185 that weve tried, tested and improved until we were happy to offer it up for sale, it consists of the front 4 pot brake calipers from the gt4 st205, we need to modify the calipers to make them fit correctly, the brake discs are a larger diameter as well as thicker, they come fully grooved and vented, also machined to correct the PCD as well as other things, we can supply hubcentric spacers with this kit also either flush fit, 4mm thick or 10mm thick with extended wheel nuts to be fitted also if you opt for the 10mm spacer only, we supply new caliper retaining bolts as well as new stainless steel retaining nuts, if you send us your front hubs we can modify them so that the calipers are actually a captive nut bolt on fit rather than nut and bolt fitment, we can also fully refurb your hubs if wanted entailing full stripdowns, sandblast and paint, new wheel bearing and seal sets, etc, we can also fully refurb your calipers to any degree whether its simply strip and rebuild or full stripdown, sandblast, powder coat in your choice of colour, full rebuild with new seals and pistons where needed so all in all you can have a brand new set up all build and prepared to your own preferences, there is also differing options for brake pads as well, the brake pipes are a custom braided pipe and again are available in differing colours, some colours need to be ordered in as per demand

Heres pics of the components updated pics and prices to be added as and when we can

Flush, 4mm and 10mm spacers