Heres one that came in as a running car to have a full forged rebuild, fmic core fitting and pipe fabrication, full body stripdown then bumper modified to get as much air through to the core as possible, also modifying and fitting aftermarket trd body kit with spats also, garret turbo supplied and fitted with us making up all pipework, downpipe, wastegate pipework and exhaust system also as well as much more to be shown during the build

Heres the that start of the work mofiying and fitting the bumper lip and side skirts

Onto the engine build

All pistons and rings numbered and allocated to specific cylinders

Piston ring setting and grinding process 

Oil gallery bungs installed

Water gallery bung installed

ACL race crank bearings throughout

Checking crank thrust play

Plastigauging oil clearances

Crank now installed with ARP crank studs and nuts, etc

New oil pump stripped and coated to avoid initial turnover wear and new crank oil seals fitted then installed on the engine

New eagle conrods all balanced and ready for install 

Pistons and conrods installed 

CA625+ ARP head studs along with Cometic head gasket supplied and installed


Onto the head next, this one has had full race port and polish, old valve seats removed then head machined and deeper seats installed then recut at 3 angles to suit new ferrea 1mm oversize valves, head assembled wih Brian Crower valve spring set and Brian Crower 264 cams also