This one was originally booked in for simple LINK ecu suply, install and map and came to us trailered from another garage, once car was unloaded it was soon apparent that there was a lot of issues to sort before we could even consider starting the engine never mind taking the car out for mapping, the car has sentimental value to the owner hence the extents of the work you are going to witness as we update the progress

The car is a toyota celica st182 that had been in 3 different garages over time before Rob found our website and made the call to myself after which the car was booked in, other garages had atempted to carry out full engine conversion to the rev3 3sgte, the car will have all different stages of build so it will be a lengthy one to watch

As she arrived with us instantly highlighting worries

As she arrived with us instantly highlighting worries


So onto the work as it started, all front end of car was completely stripped and all the coolers, fmic etc work that had been done elsewhere was binned, pretty much the whole front end of the car was redone from scratch, firstly onto gearbox, power steering oil coolers and Fmic core install fabrication

Then it was onto the North and South engine mounts, these were upgraded to Poly mounts