Heres another of our 5SGTE builds this one with the complete rev3 3SGTE oil pump, baffles, sump set up, etc installed as well, we have modified the 5S block and oil passageways and the rev3 3SGTE components to fit together giving great results, also making service components much easier to access, mainly the oil filter, oil pressures are great throughout the engine and are all measured at the head (the final point of the oil) producing 6 bar whilst priming the engine before it is fitted into the car after final assembly

This particular build will be 600 plus bhp using the 5S block and crank combination with custom JE 87.25mm pistons, Brian Crower conrods, ACL race bearing sets, head is having full port and polish work with ferrea 1mm oversize valves, Brian Crower complete top end set up including cams, springs, etc and driven by our own developed OS Giken twin plate clutch

Engineering work pictures shown underneath showing different aspects of the work starting with the different stages of head work

Valve seats are removed and new deeper seats installed before being recut for the new oversize valves

With the new valve seats in it is time to move onto the initial porting work



Then it was time to carry out the polishing work and 3 angle cut all the new valve seats for the new 1mm oversize Ferrea valves to finish this side of the headwork off