Here I will share all work done on Neils Mr2, car has been off the road for a few years so need a good service, all drive belts, etc renewed and a lot of mods and repairs.

Picked up the car and safely arrived at our garage


First thing I needed to do was deal with the alarm and all the messy wiring and get the car running safely, wiring turned out to be really quite bad and there was a mix of 2 alarms in there so we had decided to completely remove the alarm and I would install a new alarm later in the job linked to central locking, etc.

Stripping interior out to make sure I remove all remnants of the old installs

Loom condition in the engine bay

Chassis loom opened up for removal and repairs

All repairs done with very neat soldering, followed by sealed heat shrink sheathing

Were possible terminals removed from plugs for neat and tidy solid repairs rather than just taping up the wires


Finally all alarm sytems removed completely