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04/09/2014 20:34
I've owned my Toyota Celica GT-FOUR ST205 for almost 10 years and in that time it has covered over 150,000 miles. At first I used to take it to local garages and took my chances - I was young and didn't know any better! Many of them really didn't know what they were doing with my pride and joy, but I'm glad to say MK Autos really do! Now I've discovered them I won't take my car anywhere else. Every time I have work done, it's always to an exceptional standard. Martin really knows his stuff and keeps you in the loop with the issues he finds.

The car always comes home driving better than ever! Last year, I had a 2.2l 3SGTE stroker built up for me that has been bulletproof and doesn't use any oil, not a drop. Awesome work :)
04/09/2014 23:13
MK have looked after three of my cars (up to now) - two Gen 7 Celicas and an Audi S4...all three have been VERY well cared for by MK. Martin and Scott are Motor Engineers...not part-changers, like most garages and, indeed, most main dealers. If you have a problem, MK will analyse the problem, discuss with you and then resolve to your satisfaction. They are professional, thorough and are proud of their service. I currently have a Saab 9-5, which will be looked after by MK...why would I go anywhere else? I am very choosy about who touches my car - I trust MK...period. If you want to talk to me - to confirm what I have written - the number is 07774 130054. Simon.
15/09/2014 11:51
I’ve been taking cars to MK for a few years now, after them being recommended by a friend. Both Martin and Scott are top blokes and really know what they are doing! They are not parts changers but Motor Engineers (as said in above review), and will always talk you through everything they are doing. If there is a problem on your car they will find the best possible solution that is cost effective for you.

I’ve never owned a GT-Four, so don’t be put off taking any make/type of car to MK if you don’t either. MK are GT-Four specialists but have always provided me with a knowledge and service that is second to none on all my cars – ranging from a Jap imported Mitsubishi GTO, my partners Toyota Yaris and now my Ford Mustang GT.

I will continue to take all my cars to MK, and recommend to everyone that they do to!
03/10/2014 23:39
I have a rare JDM Nissan Pulsar VZR, there's very few here in the U.K. I wanted my headwork build doing so was looking for a good mechanic, somebody who does builds for fun and somebody that knows what they doing. My mate got his st185 RC Celica build done off MK and recommended them to me.

I would recommend MK to everybody no matter what car or sports car you have, this was the first time they worked on a Nissan and they a did brilliant job considering its a rare engine the Neo Vvl and it was the first time they'd come across something like it. They were very helpful all the way filling me in and offering advice and tips.

I would say they are the best mechanics I've come across and am going to use them all the time, I would highly recommend MK to others for all your car jobs you will not be disappointed.
04/10/2014 16:38
Having met Martin personally at a local car meet about 2 to 3 years ago and reading some positive feedbacks from Celica Club Uk. I've decided to try His garage for the first time as I own a Celica Gen.7 and even thou I need to travel 80 miles round trip. It was all worth it, it's not just a garage but also a friendly garage where You can chat while the job is being done. No hidden agenda as He is true to His work and got nothing to hide... He also got a Buddy, Scott.. Another top bloke who will also deal at Your Car when Martin is busy with another Car. They are both top mechanics and does the job with attention to details. So basically You know You'll have peace of mind when either one of them is dealing with Your Car... Have used MK Auto Repairs and Tuning since then and can highly recommend them to all my friends without a second thought as I know that Martin and Scott will not let them down... If You haven't find a garage that You can trust, now is the time... Try His garage and You'll never look for another one again...

04/10/2014 21:14
I was recommended to use Martin by another member of the international MR2 owners club (IMOC). I'm glad I did!

Scott actually did the work and what a great job he did fitting a new timing belt, water pump, new handbrake cable and poly bushed ARB's.

Also fabricated and rebuilt my rear aches which was no easy task.

Martin and Scott are both happy to chat about what needs doing and any future work you might want doing in a friendly easy going way. I have no hesitation in recommending Martin and Scott and will be back for the next phase of my project soon.
04/10/2014 22:58
Was recommended by a member of the GT4OC. And I couldn't recommend anyone better. Had some big issues with my suspension and the dodgy welding, brakes, and I was in need of a full engine service. I used to use a different garage but after looking first hand at what was done differently at MK I was amazed and shocked that I hadn't found this garage in the first place. I left it with Martin and his team and he sorted the car.

The car felt so different after it had been worked on. The whole car felt like it had been given the full works and every minor detail looked at. I never take my car anywhere else and it's worth the drive.

If you want honest reliable work and 100% satisfaction then go no where else. It's hard to leave your pride and joy in someone else's hands but I you can trust that this garage will do work to the highest standard.

Thanks Martin
05/10/2014 13:24
Martin and Scott are not only masters of their trade but genuinely nice guys along with it. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anybody looking for garage services - from basic servicing and tyre fitting to high spec racing and performance projects, no job is too simple or too complex for these guys and their prices are very competitive to boot. Over the years we have known them they have carried out servicing on our daily cars (currently Audi A4 TDI Quattro) and also carried out some serious restoration work on our weekend fun car (Carlos Sainz GT4). Hopefully Martin will put up some pictures of the restoration work on the Celica as I genuinely couldn't believe how good a job they made of restoring the body work and rebuilding the car. A testament to the quality of their work is the fact that we live in Sheffield yet still travel to Blackburn for their services. We just haven't found anywhere nearer that can equal them on the quality of service or price.

Chris and Sam Rhodes
05/10/2014 13:59
I've known Martin for a good 10 years now, since he was a mechanic where i still work.
since my job involves 'no spare time' i need someone to sort my car out with any servicing or maintenance that needs doing.
I've let Martin or Scot loose on both my cherished cars, formerly a rather nifty 328i E36 touring and currently a v8 5.7ltr holden monaro since he set up full time in his roe lee unit and now in his garage at Guide.
Has always offered me sound advice on what may need doing in the future or needs doing straight away.
I have no qualms about leaving my car there as i am confident that a professional, careful and fair priced  honest job will be done.
Bearing in mind that any parts or indeed information for my car can only be sourced from unhelpful aliens on saturn, they do a fantastic job!
Many thanks Martin & Scot
05/10/2014 21:51
Garages like this just don't exist anymore!
MK Autos will actually track down your problems and fix them, not just read a problem off a computer and fit a series of expensive bits at your expense.
They're attention to detail is fantastic and they will go out of their way to source or fabricate parts if necessary to make sure a job is done properly.
I have a 50 mile round trip to go there but I've met people from literally every corner of the UK there because they're reputation is that well deserved.
Whether it's an every day car or your pride and joy I would recommend MK Autos completely.
06/10/2014 17:06
I have been taking my GT4 to Martin and Scott for many years now! They also service my daily driveHonda civic, and before that a Skoda Fabia vRS and other cars I have had. I can only echo the comments above, attention to detail is brilliant, nothing is missed, I trust MKAutos to do a 110% job going above and beyond the call of duty It's even worth the 120+ mile round trip to see them from anything to big jobs like a gearbox change to a basic service.
08/10/2014 17:35
I've been taking my GT4 up to Martin and Scott for a few years now, and try to make the near 400 mile round trip north from Bristol every 6 months. If the garage was closer I would insist on taking my girlfriends daily drive there, as well as recommending all my family and friends!

I've had all kinds of work done, I tend to mix up general maintenance with things that need doing, and things I want doing- servicing, engine check faults that I couldn't work out, suspension replacement with awesome tracking set up, complete brake overhaul of caliper refurb and brake line replacement, undersealing, exhaust customisation, hub refurbishment, engine timing, various pumps refurbed, valve shims measured  and adjusted... And probably half the seals in the engine replaced!

If I had the money, these guys would be working on projects for me all the time!
08/10/2014 19:09
Been taking my Gt-Four to Martin and Scott for over a year now since buying the car.
I've had a fair bit of work done on the car to keep it on the road and everytime I get it back it's always better than when it went in.

I can recommend Mk autos for work and servicing on Gt-fours, also any other brand of car's.
22/10/2014 08:32
I've know Martin  for a number of years now and knock on his door when I need spares advice or just a chat, the guy is honest and reliable never overpriced and always happy to help and gives his advice free of charge over the phone not like some garages that insist on taking the car in to take a look
As I do most of my own mechanical work I demand a very high standard  when I do have to allow others to work on the car and in the past have trusted this only to Toyota main dealers but not since meeting Martin his service outshines the main dealers tenfold  I know it's to be a top job at a good price
I advise anyone who wants any work doing from a headlamp bulb to an engine rebuild to see Martin first the guy is a very capable mechanic as is Scott the other guy that works there
Barrie Greenwood
22/10/2014 19:22
Have used Mk twice now. Once with my ST205 and then my L200. It's a 5 hour round trip for me but totally worth it, quality of work from Martin and Scott is second to none and it's great having the peace of mind your cars are in good hands. I had a few jobs done to my L200 while I was on holiday, also had a Tunit Advantage fitted. Great bit of kit, I'm getting another 5mpgs at least and loads more grunt. At least 70miles extra to a tank too which is a trip to work and back. Two of my friends have bought them since and rave about them. I'll be back again without a doubt.
22/10/2014 22:08
I took my ST205 to MK Autos for an engine rebuild and the work that was done is incredible, the car has never felt better. I'll only be trusting my pride and joy to Martin and Scott from now on.
22/10/2014 22:10
I took my ST205 to Martin after taking my car to another place for tuning...The clocks stopped working and didn't feel like it was running quite right. I got it back from martin and it not missed a beat since...I used MK auto's for everything on my ST205 for 3 years now and have complete faith in their work and would not consider using anyone else.
Ali, Preston.
11/11/2014 16:54
Got my tubby clocked, and made up some new FMIC pipework. Must say, car has never driven so well; super happy with the work and the results.

Top work from Martin as usual!

He's basically GT4 Yoda.
20/03/2015 12:00
Martin and Scott came highly recommended on the GT4OC forum and have since restored my faith in the motor repair, maintenance and performance industry. They've completed work on my ST205 with an outstanding attention to detail and the results have brought life, character and the enjoyment of driving back into the car.

The open and honest attitude they have with their customers is first class, keeping me informed at every stage and with complete transparency. I’ll not be going anywhere else.
03/07/2015 12:17
Consider yourself lucky !! You've just found
The best one stop Auto shop ( the term garage does'nt do them justice) .

I dont mind the 4 hour round trip , to use the best !

Plus great blokes too :-)
14/11/2015 23:15
Once again the team at MK AR&T have breathed life back into my ST205.Top quality work on the custom fit exhaust gents, sounds like it should do now.

Professional and proficient service every time.

Looking forward to the new ECU.

See you again real soon.

17/02/2016 18:52
Just drop or get ur car picked up. Watch the works unfold via pics and video messages.
I wouldn't normally recommend places but this garage regardless of vehicle is in total good hands.
No fuss no problem to big for these fellas.
Why would you go anywhere else?

I guarantee you'd be happy with the workmanship! !!

Rob Ewan
10/06/2016 23:11
I got the boys to make me a custom exhaust for my GT4. I was amazed at the precision & expertise! Meeting all my requirements ...
Meaty but not too loude at idle, power of course & the look! I couldnt recommend them more!
16/06/2016 08:27
Martin and the team recently restored and upgraded my beloved ST185, including big brakes front and rear, suspension, wheels.

No detail was left unchecked and the work they do is by far the best I have ever come across. Regardless of what car I won till they put me in a box it will always go to MK Automotive for its needs.

I cannot thank Martin and the team enough for all the hard work, dedication and attention to detail they put in to my girl.

I guarantee you will not be disappointed with their services.
07/12/2018 17:55
Megaphone shout out to Martin Kingston for once again proving he and his team at MK Auto Repairs and Tuning provide the complete package for customer satisfaction and top class workmanship. Not only has he turn my GT4 around from its first crippled by other mechanics visit many years ago, he’s now flexing his growing and more than exceptional ECU mapping skills on my Link G4 Fury. The difference he’s made to the daily running, smooth power delivery and response of my 22 year old 3SGTE (Stock internals and turbo currently) is a distinctly noticeable improvement from the remap i had done via a third party dyno map company.

110% worth every penny for the peace of mind knowing the job is done right first time round.

Looking forward with confidence to future power goals with these lads.

Highly recommended A******
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