Heres one that turned up with us as a multiple rebuild failure for stripdown and inspection to ascertain the reason why his rebuilds where failing very quickly, customer was devastated after entrusting his pride and joy to another garage to have 3 failures one after the other, the build and issues with the engine and the car itself took many twists and turns but after finally making the journey over to us weve addressed everything and the pictures will show the story

All initial pics are of the stripdown and findings from what was a brand new rebuild which had been driven onto a recovery truck, taken to a dyno where it was pulled off when the mapper advised the customer that there was still issues with the engine

Some more pics of the engine damage done these are what Mark took himself

Further pics of cam and head damage

Oil pump damage

New piston damage

Block damage

Now finally onto the cause of all this damage and the 3 other builds also, sand contamination from the rocker cover breather channels

Unfortunately the whole engine was scrap beyond repair there was absolutely nothing we could save, pistons had way too much clearance and every moving component was damaged beyond salvage so a new plan evolved starting with refurbing the shell and running gear whilst awaiting the new hybrid engine another one of our 5SGTE builds but with a lot of added extras ;-)

So it was onto the running gear refurb, sandblasting, painting, etc shown below

So after the complete underside of the car had been stripped and components blasted, painted, etc the rebuild was to begin starting with underside prep and full waxoyl coating, all brake and fuel lines were replaced with new, one section of brake line was made up from scratch, the remaining brake and fuel lines were replaced with genuine toyota replacements

Diff carrier poly bushes supplied and installed then rear subframe and components assembled ready for refit

New diff breather replacing old corroded, blocked breather

New rear subframe rear most studs to replace old corroded studs