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New for 2015 the Link G4+ black range


Also now available to compliment our range of ecu`s the Race Tech Dash 2 Pro

Plug-In and Wire-In, professional engine management and instrumentation. Link ECUs are fully user adjustable via PCLink and VTS tuning software. Systems include; fuel, ignition & boost mapping; datalogging; cam mapping; antilag; launch control, etc

Link G4+Check out the latest G4+ engine management systems - G4+ XtremeG4+ StormG4+ Atom and the range of G4+ Plug-Ins on the Link website for their full details, also all downloads can also be gained from the same link

All products can be discussed upon request, we will always do our best so simply drop us an email or call for pricing and availability or simply a chat.

All systems are designed on a basis of excellence, assembled with medical precision delivering a rock solid, repeatable engine performance. Careful thought has been given to ease of installation and tuning so that optimum results can be attained in a minimum of time.

Link Engine Management ECUs cover the range, simple to professional.

MK Auto Repairs and Tuning can offer the one stop shop supply, install and map, we can install all the sensors, plugs, terminated wiring looms, etc. All our installs and mapping is done by a very reputable and highly respected representative so whether it be road or dyno mapping it can be arranged, any questions please feel free to contact us so we can help out/advise.

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Picture of Link G4+ Monsoon Add to cart

Link G4+ Monsoon

£750.00 excl tax
If you like the value of the Atom, but are looking for a couple of extra features, then the Monsoon is the ECU for you.
Picture of Link G4+ Atom Add to cart

Link G4+ Atom

£560.00 excl tax
The Link G4+ Atom is Link's entry level ECU that blows the opposition away - half the size, all the technology! Now with more refinements for the budget conscious. Full configurability, no preset inputs / outputs. Logging, motorsport, and even closed loop fuel if an external device is added. Industry standard waterproof connectors and mounting bracket are supplied with your G4+ Atom.
Picture of Link G4+ Extreme Add to cart

Link G4+ Extreme

£1,160.00 excl tax
Link's most powerful engine management system ever, equals or betters any ECU on the market. Whatever the application, the G4+ Xtreme's advanced configurability enables today's complex engines to be optimised. Flexible options over the control of inputs and outputs allow the user to design their own functions to control all sorts of devices. Precise control of injectors and ignition angle are guaranteed at very low or high RPM or manifold pressures. A very high level of protection from interference and tolerance of trigger input errors has been built into this ECU, ensuring a smooth running engine even under the most demanding conditions.
Picture of Link G4+ Fury ECU Add to cart

Link G4+ Fury ECU

£1,320.00 excl tax
The Link G4+ Fury, a brand new 6 cylinder ECU to add to our extensive range. Fully featured, fully enabled and our first ECU to include on-board digital wideband control, along with single e-throttle. 6 x ignition outputs and 8 x fuel outputs. Requires "A" & "B" Looms
Picture of Link G4+ plug and play ecu for toyota celica gt4 and toyota mr2 Add to cart

Link G4+ plug and play ecu for toyota celica gt4 and toyota mr2

£820.00 excl tax
The easy plug and play option from Link
Picture of Link G4+ Storm Add to cart

Link G4+ Storm

£1,040.00 excl tax
The Link G4+ Storm delivers performance that rivals any engine management system on the market. This ECU is more than capable of running sequential injection, ignition and variable valve timing on most of today's engines. The black Storm offers all of the advanced G4+ tuning features at an extremely competitive price. 8 x injection & ignition, 8 x analog & digital inputs.
Picture of Race Tech Dash2Pro Add to cart

Race Tech Dash2Pro

£1,068.00 excl tax
RaceTech Dash2Pro complete with CAN upgrade to integrate with Link Ecu`s