Link And Ecumaster Install And Mapping Service

Here at MK Auto Repairs And Tuning Ltd we are proud to be able to supply, install, map and tune the full range of Ecumaster and Link ecu’s from simple economy right the way through to fully modified and race prepared cars whether your looking to improve your economy or have that little bit more power or take the car to another extreme whether it be fast road car to purely track we can advise you on the best ecu for your needs with our in house installations we are able to give advice on all apects of upgrades as well as provide those personal touches that you many want, need or desire for your car from custom exhausts, intake and fmic pipework or systems, fuelling upgrades, turbo refurbs or one of kit fabrications to full or part engine builds no matter how far you want to go with your car we can provide a service to suit you, we do all aspects of this work ourselves in our own premises so you know that when you leave your car with us its in good hands meaning all you have to do is look forward to picking up a perfectly transformed car

We have the latest and most up to date monitoring equipment for the mapping process to ensure everything goes well and you get the best out of your car running sweeter than it ever has and we will continue to investas and when we can 

We have invested in the latest Innovate wideband equipment to monitor aspects of fuelling whislt all aspects of tuning is being carried out

We have invested in the latest Knock detection equipment to monitor the engine whislt all aspects of tuning is being carried out