Landsail Tyres

We are pleased to announce that after a few years of running and testing these tyres on customers and our own personal cars we have taken on dealership for Landsail tyres, as always we can supply and fit any brand of tyres but now we have been awarded dealership for these tyres we can offer them at an even better discounted price, the more discount we get the cheaper our customers get them, simply put we pass the discount on :-)

Heres a bit more info on the range 

Landsail is one of the most advanced and fastest growing tyre brands in the UK. Not only do Landsail tyres offer fantastic all-round performance, but they also have one of the most comprehensive pattern and sizes ranges, this means we offer a fitment for almost every type of car, SUV, and commercial van on the road.

Passenger Car Tyres
Passenger car range consists of four patterns each manufactured with advanced silica based compound. Its because of this special compound that Landsail tyres offer the perfect balance of performance in the wet and the dry, along with durability, and fuel efficiency.

SUV Tyres
The ever-growing range is perfectly geared towards meeting the needs of this diverse and expanding category. With three different SUV patterns Landsail SUV spans from 16” to 24”- all the SUV tyres really are tried and tested and offer exceptional performance in the most demanding of SUV applications.

Van Tyres
Landsail commercial van tyres are manufactured to provide exceptional durability and longevity. All Landsail van tyres are manufactured with a reinforced casing making them exceptionally strong so they perform outstandingly well on rugged driving surfaces.

Run Flat Tyres

This is another ever-growing range, contact us for availability

Heres some of the range




The reinforced casing ensures optimal carrying capacity whilst the deep grooves traction on demanding driving surfaces and also high wear resistance.

LS588SUV     Ultra high performance SUV tyre



The LS588 SUV range is growing continuosly and is availabe in many low profilefitments for SUV`s fitted with up to 24" rims.

LS388     High performance car tyre


The LS388 is the newest addition to the Landsail passenger car tyre range. The LS388 is designed for all passenger car applications.

LS988       Ultra high performance car tyre


The LS988 is designed for ultra high performance passenger car applications and offers a sporty and responsive driving experience.

LS288     High performance car tyre


The LS288 is designed for small to mid size passenger cars and is ideally suited to urban and motorway driving applications.

CLV1      SUV tyre


Designed for on road driving, the CLV1 has two outer longitudinal grooves and a carefully designed layout of sipes contained within the central tread blocks. 

CLV2      SUV tyre


The CLV2 is developed for on road SUV applications. The tread pattern consists of diversely distributed tread blocks. 

LS188+       High performance tyre


The LS188+ offers a good balance of performance in demanding driving conditions.