This one took a lot of work, all aspects of work carried out on this car, car arrived as a non runner, it had been off the road for years so work commenced with removal of the engine which was then stripped for inspection, following this the shell and running gear repairs were started

Heres the findings upon stripping the engine

Flywheel with obvoius wear and tear

Thread damage to block where gearbox securing bolts locate

Timing cover damage

Cam seals just about hanging in there locating holes

Bolts missing

Extensive thread damage to heat exchanger mounting plate

Sheared cam cover cap bolts


Oil pump pick up nuts failed 

Contamination under rocker cover breathers 

The engine wiring loom was quite a mess so it was fully stripped back and completely redone removing all wiring that is no longer needed and replacing all corroded wiring, unfortunately I didn`t take pictures of this process as it was Sunday and i was simply concentrating on getting the loom back together 

Knock sensor was in poor condition picture shows new and old sensor comparison pictures  


Onto the fabrication side of repairs starting with the only bit of corrosion on the car and believe me it made up for the rest 


Then onto cutting out the corroded steel sections and clean up to good metal ready for the start of the fabrication

Then onto making up the new steel sections and welding them in place followed by zinc priming everything


Outer panel rewelded back in place and zinc primed

After this it was time to repair a badly failed steering rack mounting point