Full Computerised Wheel Alignment

We now have the new state of the art supertracker computer alignment systems in house £25 basic fee for report then the hourly labour fee thereafter, full printouts of the finished work given after alignment showing before and after readings, we can also carry out fully customised geometry for all different applications and also save your cars settings for ease of adjustments in the future. 

The Supertracker STR 420RW wheel alignment unit features all the latest technology, covering all aspects of adjustability within the modern vehicle chassis.

The 420 aligner is impressively quick, from the initial set up to full alignment readings in a time of 59 seconds. It can be used on a Full wheel alignment lift, Standard Four Post Lift, 2 Post Lift, Pit or on a level surface.

The easy to use step by step alignment programme using a Linux operating system again offers speed and reliability. With Linux you also eliminate the damage to the system by electrical spikes or accidental turning off or power cuts, these will not damage the system.

Measuring Heads

Over the 25 years Supertracker have developed a tried and tested method of attaching the measuring heads to the wheels. Using this system plus measuring heads with solid state electronics Supertracker aligners are a combination of reliability and durability that works well in a harsh environment. With an inbuilt in control panel on each measuring head the operation process eliminates the need to keep returning to the console.

Using visual angles of +/- 20 degrees there is no need for electronic turn plates. Measuring accuracy with the new generation sensors is as low as 0.01mm. Lithium batteries give extended working life reducing the recharge down time.

Application Programme

The software has been developed to meet today's requirements and is modern and user friendly. It has been designed to make the operation easy to navigate and has all the features expected from a prestigious manufacturer. As you would expect an extensive vehicle database with yearly updates, customer database with full history recall, colour print out showing before and after readings.

Adjustment help screens to assist technicians on a variety of vehicle adjustments. Inclined measuring head spoiler programme, VAG and Mercedes programmes, also available within the software. The Linux software can only be altered by approved service personnel. This eliminates the ability for anyone to tamper with the programme.