Everyday car repairs

Here I will share some of our everyday car repair work ranging from simple mot`s and repairs, servicing, timing belts, clutch work, etc to engine repair including head gasket and ful rebuilds, this will be a busy area of the website constantly being updated as and when we can 

Snapped timing belt on a volkswagen caddy van, customer was very lucky as engine sustained no damage at all

Diagnostic work this one turned out to be upstream lambda sensor failed so replaced with quality Bosch replacement part

CV joint repair

Wheel bearing replacement, pics show the process and the fine cutting to release the iner race from the hub drive flange, etc then onto the rebuild

Mitsubishi L200 for timing belt, water pump, cam seals, suspension and brakes work, etc 

Audi Q5 for diagnostic and full servic including BG fuel and oil treatment, this one had over 20 fault codes in the engine management ecu alone, it had brake faults as well as lots of other warnings flashing on the dash, after our diagnostic checks it was found that the EGR valve was the cause of all the issues 

Quality replacement oil

Very old air filter removed

Defective EGR valve removed

All old components removed

EGR valve leaves a great hole in the engine bay once removed 

New EGR valve ready for install


New EGR valve installed

All back together 

Timing belt renewal

Making up new brake lines to replace corroded brake lines

CV boot renewal note that we don`t use the cheap and flimsy stretch boots, we use oem quality boot kits that entail having to remove the CV joint to install the new boot and clips ensuring longevity of our repair


MOT fail repairs starting with replacement of broken coil spring

Then onto removing rotten brake pipes and making up all new, bleed up the system and retest vehicle

Another CV boot replacement

Another 2 tyres supplied and fitted by ourselves