Heres one that turned up with us as another multiple rebuild failure for stripdown and rebuild, car was removed from previous garage after customer became suspicious and was devastated after we finished stripping the engine and confirmed that the supposed new build was an old worn engine, no honing marks left on the thrust side of the bores, wear on all bearings, pumps, etc and the worse part was that parts and procedures he had paid for were not present in the build at all, the build and issues with the engine and car itself were plentiful but after finally making the journey over to us weve addressed everything and the pictures will show the story

All initial pics are of the stripdown and findings from what was supposed to be a 1000 mile new rebuild which had been driven back to the garage who built it with complaints of heavy oil use problems to be told that it had no compression on 2 cylinders and would need yet another rebuild, it was no wonder he became suspicious, the build that had been attempted was a 5SGTE so onto the pictures of the findings 

Radiator support brackets failed

Gearbox and power steering coolers work from previous garage

Fmic install from previous garage

Injector plug failure

Split bypass hose as you can see they had repaired this leak by adding a second jubilee clip over the split section of hose

Expensive helix twin plate clutch showing excess wear on the pressure plate release forks

Flywheel side of 1 of friction plates has been catching flywheel bolts and also heavy spigot shaft spline wear is easily noticeable

So onto the engine side of the build as already mentioned this is a 5SGTE hybrid engine, we finished removing the engine and then fully stripped and inspected it, unfortunately during our discussion it was soon realised a lot of parts and work i.e. porting, polishing, etc that had been paid for were nowhere to be seen so we discussed the options with Andy and the engine components that were salvageable were taken to the engineers and bigger and better rebuild plans were started 

Engine as it was removed, stripped and taken for degreasing, derusting and measuring for new pistons to be ordered

It turned out we needed 87.5mm pistons to be able to bring the bores back true, there was also a few changes throughout the build as we decided on different directions but the end result was great :-)

Block came back from engineers so it was time for a fresh coat of block enamel


New ACL Race series bearing set installed

Checking crank thrust play

Checking crank bearing oil clearances