Air con maintenance and repairs

After yet another investment in the company we can now also carry out all levels of maintenance on your air con systems whether it be a simple re gas and/or combined with the revolutionary new kool clean procedure killing all bacteria, smells, etc or diagnostic work

Air con system degas/regas procedure removes all old remaining gas, condensation, oils, contaminants, etc cleaning the whole system then it vacuum tests the system for 15 to 25 minutes making sure everything is sealed and correct, after this the new machine automatically refills the system with the exact quantity of gas, oil, etc needed to work perfectly for another 2 to 3 years before repeat air con service is needed   

This costs just £40 plus VAT fixed price for the whole procedure, if you have the Kool Clean procedure done at the same time as the degas/regas procedure then great deals can be offered, leaving a nice refreshing smell to your car and ventilation system whilst killing all bacteria and odours at the same time.

Heres more info on our new investment 



The KoolKare Blizzard PRO is the top of the line model in the KoolKare range.

With all the great features of the Blizzard model, the PRO goes even further with the inclusion of the KoolKlean package and Advanced Diagnostics. Also with this new updated model the unit can now service HD11 oil (Hybrid cars).

The KoolKlean system is a revolutionary purification system that cleans and sanitises the vehicle, eliminating any bad odours, such as cigarette smoke. The KoolKare Blizzard PRO is yet another way for a workshop to satisfy the needs of the vehicle owner.